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Experience the best of high-intensity movement, stretching and strengthening, and mindful meditation in one beautiful studio. For all women, of all fitness levels and life journeys.

FusionX Classes

Hello HIIT. Welcome Wellness.

So nice to see you here together!

FusionX is our signature class, designed for complete body-mind balance in just 45 minutes.

It’s short and sweet – and sweaty!

FusionX is the ultimate HIIT-style workout, with a balanced blend of Reformer Pilates, combined with Yoga, Barre, and Mat Pilates in one energetic class, followed by a five-minute mindful meditation.

For women who want it all – the sweat, strength and serenity – but find themselves a little short on time – that’s all of us, hey! Get all the goodness in one class.


40-minute high-intensity, low-impact workout

5-minute meditation

This class style has been designed to be life efficient, offering movement and mindfulness in one session.

Classes differ between Fernwood Fusion studios. Check your studio’s timetable for a list of classes on offer.

Fusion Xclusive

Reformer, Yoga, Barre

Triple threat.

From the Reformer Pilates bed, to the yoga mat, to the barre, this epic HIIT-style class brings together intense resistance movements, endurance exercises and precision for a low-impact, full-body workout focusing on strength, tone and flexibility for the entire body. These classes focus on core muscles to improve overall strength, tone, and cardio fitness while creating long lean limbs.

Fusion Xhale

Reformer, Yoga, Mat Pilates

Get flexy and stretchy.

It’s Pilates with twice the fun – reformer and mat Pilates combined with yoga for a stretching, strengthening and soothing HIIT-style workout. Elevate your heart rate as you move your body through a range of dynamic exercises, ideal for core stability, cardio and endurance. Time to get flexy, stretchy and sweaty!

Fusion Xtend

Reformer, Barre, Mat Pilates

Abs-olute burner

Get ready to sweat! Enhance your core strength and stability in a range of powerful movements, while working the upper body, lower body, glutes and minor muscle groups. Focus on resistance exercises, mobility, strong and steady poses, and feel that core burn as your get fired up in this HIIT-style class.

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