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Experience the best of high-intensity movement, stretching and strengthening, and mindful meditation in one beautiful studio. For all women, of all fitness levels and life journeys.

Meditation Classes

We live so much of our life in a sympathetic, yang, high-stress state. Meditation is a way to restore calm and move our minds away from that high stress state that we normally function in.

Meditation relaxes the body while simultaneously focusing the mind to find calm and contentment – a safe space to connect with your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Classes differ between Fernwood Fusion studios. Check your studio’s timetable for a list of classes on offer.

Chill Meditation

Chill Meditation

Intensity:  Low

Escape the busyness of everyday life with our mind-bliss meditations and breathing techniques, and bring a little more peace and balance into your day.

Calm Mind Meditation

Calm Mind Meditation

Still the body, calm the mind in this relaxation meditation, where we explore finding peace and comfort through stillness. Rest and recharge your mind in this relaxation meditation, for any woman who needs to step away from the chaos and into the calm. Relax after a busy day in a warming and supportive environment.

Sleep Yoga (Nidra)

Body Scan Meditation

Release tension in your mind and body in a guided body scan meditation. With a mindful focus on the breath, this guided meditation will support you to unwind the body and mind for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing Meditation

Immerse yourself in our relaxing yet uplifting session of sound meditation. This ancient practice using singing bowls has long been used in Eastern cultures to bring balance and healing into everyday life. Experience total relaxation, grounding and energetic healing, ideal for people who can’t switch off in self-guided meditation.

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