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Experience the best of high-intensity movement, stretching and strengthening, and mindful meditation in one beautiful studio. For all women, of all fitness levels and life journeys.

Mat & Reformer Pilates Classes

Reformer Pilates stretches, strengthens and mobilises your body in a range of dynamic movements on a reformer bed. Reformer Pilates focuses on resistance movements for a low-impact, full-body workout.

Mat Pilates centres on core stability in a range of powerful movements on the mat, while working the upper body, lower body, glutes and minor muscle groups.

Within the discipline of Pilates, there is something for every woman:

  • Be guided through considered movements
  • Strengthen your core
  • Improve postural alignment
  • Enhance flexibility & joint mobility
  • Release stress and improve wellbeing
  • Boost strength and stability

Classes differ between Fernwood Fusion studios. Check your studio’s timetable for a list of classes on offer.

Fusion Reformer

Fusion Pilates

Intensity:  Low - High

Fusion Pilates is based on Reformer and Mat Pilates to strengthen, tone and mobilise the entire body. This unique blend of Mat and Reformer exercises offers a workout steeped in the tradition of Pilates with the benefit of contemporary functional fitness. This unique blend of Pilates exercises also has an emphasis on the core (powerhouse) resulting in stronger abdominal, back and deep stabilising muscles. This class will improve strength, tone, fitness and flexibility from head to toe.

Reformer Foundation

Fusion Reformer

Intensity:  Low - High

Experience the truly amazing benefits of Reformer Pilates in our Fusion Reformer classes. Tailored for all levels of fitness and experience, Fusion Reformer delivers a full body workout to strengthen, tone and mobilise the entire body. With the added benefits of boosted metabolism, Reformer Pilates is fantastic for a range of health, wellness and fitness goals.

Reformer 1:1

Reformer 1:1

Intensity:  Low - Moderate

We know some people like to practice in an intimate, 1:1 environment, where they can focus solely on their practice. We offer 1:1 sessions for any members who would like to advance their practice, develop proper technique and form, need support when recovering from an injury or time away, or simply prefer a quiet environment.

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