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Experience the best of high-intensity movement, stretching and strengthening, and mindful meditation in one beautiful studio. For all women, of all fitness levels and life journeys.

Yoga Classes

Fusion offers various streams of yoga practice to suit all different fitness levels and interests. Physically, yoga both stretches and strengthens fascia and muscles, while mentally, yoga supports emotional wellbeing, mental resilience and stress management.

For an intense vinyasa-style of practice, which involves holding a series of poses for increased flexibility, strength and overall fitness, we have our range of flow classes.

If deep stretching and a slower pace is your desire, we offer yin and nidra classes, ideal for women who want to take a moment to breathe.

Classes differ between Fernwood Fusion studios. Check your studio’s timetable for a list of classes on offer.

Foundation Flow

Get acquainted with traditional yoga postures (asanas). Learn the 'how' and 'why' of core poses, including correct body positioning, gaze and breath connection.

Fusion flow

Fusion Flow

Our signature vinyasa (body-breath) flow for all levels of experience, will take you through a rhythmical fluid practice that will offer opportunity to work on improving technique and developing confidence in your practice. The pace is set by you with no pressure or expectation. Yoga is about finding what works for you in any given moment.

Power Flow

Power Flow

Whatever your level of practice, this dynamic flow offers beginners to experienced yogis a strong practice, relative to your abilities. The pace is set by you, with options to challenge yourself physically and mentally through flowing sequences of strength and balance postures. Finishing with a deeply relaxing, well earned Savasana.

Sleep Yoga (Nidra)

Sleep Yoga (Nidra)

This relaxation focused yoga practice offers restorative effects equal to four hours of REM sleep. Ideal for people who struggle with stress and sleep issues.



Stretch, unwind and physically let go in our restorative yoga practice. Relaxing deeply and intently into lengthy held stretches, yin is the perfect balance to more intensive practices.

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