Reformer Pilates

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates improves core strength and flexibility, balance, cardio fitness and so much more!

You hear the word ‘Pilates’ and you instantly feel your abs tighten while you picture all those fun core, balance and flexibility exercises. We love a mat Pilates class at Fusion and know the benefits of making time for these classes in our regular workout routine – like improved core strength, flexibility, cardio fitness, toning and conditioning.

These modern workouts are similar to mat Pilates, with the main exception being reformer Pilates classes involve using a reformer bed to perform stretching and strengthening exercises, among a few other variants.

Reformer Pilates has multiple health, fitness and wellness benefits, and while it may look blissful and somewhat easy, we can assure you these workouts still pack a punch – but your core will certainly thank you for it.

Some of the many benefits of regular reformer Pilates classes people may experience include:

  • Experience a wide variety of exercises to promote overall coordination
  • Improve strength, flexibility and balance
  • High intensity conditioning and cardiovascular fitness
  • Moderate form of fitness, ideal for core strength and postural alignment
  • Release stress and improve your daily wellbeing

Head to Find a Studio page to find out whether your local Fusion club offers reformer Pilates.

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