Benefits of Reformer Pilates

We talk about wellness a lot and the need to incorporate a wellness workout into your routine – reformer Pilates, yoga, meditation etc.

When we say wellness, we’re referring to any practice or experience where you’re focusing on soothing your mind and body, whether that be yoga, Pilates, meditation, or mindfulness. If you hear these names dropped all the time, but don’t know a lot about them, then keep reading.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is an invigorating, strengthening and core-building group class for women who want to turn up the heat. Release stress and improve your daily wellbeing with Reformer Pilates, which offer a wide variety of exercises to promote overall coordination, strength, flexibility and balance.


The two main unifying practices in yoga are mind to body and body to breath. Yoga has so many wonderful benefits, such as improving your strength, flexibility and mental wellbeing, just to name a few. Anyone who has attended a hatha or ashtanga yoga class will attest that it’s not an easy form of exercise, and that the sweat can still certainly flow in these classes. It’s a practice of concentrated breathing, where poses demand both physical and mental effort. And then at the end of every practice, you get to bathe in the glow of Savasana.

Yin yoga

A slower type of yoga practice, yin yoga is considered a very mellow, chilled practice of physical yoga. The postures are modified versions of traditional practices, and rely heavily on the use of props including bolsters and blocks to support the body, and allow the participant to fully relax and surrender into the holds for 3-5 minutes each. The benefits are deep fascia stretching, relaxation, mental focus and meditation.


These days, one of the main benefits of meditation is to put us into the complete opposite of that high stress state that we normally function in. You can experience benefits from one or two minutes of meditation if that serves your purpose. If your intention for the meditation is to feel calmer or take a mental break from something, then that might only need to be one to five minutes. If your purpose is to have some real introspection, it could be 10 or 20 minutes.

It’s often best to create a fairly quiet and relaxed environment to stop distraction and ideally, it’s a place where you feel comfortable and warm.

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